Oct 11, 2005

Blogging the blog

The photo you are looking at was taken by Doreen this evening just before the boys went to bed. She probably took it because the boys looked cute with dad, they are cute, dad needs some help though.

The photo shows the boys squishing dad while they look at the laptop as I am showing them their pictures on our blog. Now if I show them this same photo tomorrow on my laptop, they will be looking at a photo of themselves looking at a photo of themselves. Basically the same concept of pointing a mirror into another mirror and looking at the multi-dimensional reflections created. If I lost you on that one, take my word for it, it's techno-geeky cool. If you don't think the blog within a blog concept is cool enough, tomorrow I can take a photo of the boys looking at a photo of the boys while they look at a photo of the boys. I will take special requests for that one. ;-)