I have been tardy in updating the blog, it's been busy, busy, busy.

We decided a few days ago to get the house in order and list it with our realtor. The house will go "live" in 24 hours, a few hours after we are on a plane on the way to Ireland for nearly 10 days. We hope the house sells for our listing price, or more, while we are overseas. In fact I hope the realtor calls me during mid-sip of a Guinness, with the good news.

The realtor and most people anticipate a quick sell, that would be fantastic.

So, prep a house for sale in under a week to include massive cleaning, re-painting, de-cluttering, yard work etc, etc. Add a trip overseas with the little fellas. Throw in the cafe' currently in overdrive with the usual staffing shortages and it makes for good times. Poor Doreen, trying to do it all and the boys and the final leg of trg for the marathon in Dublin. I am going to promote her from coffee agent in training to coffee agent in recognition of her efforts above and beyond the call of duty.

Can hardly wait for a much anticipated visit to the Emerald Isle, it's been three years since we were there. I'm sure my parents are beside themselves waiting to get introduced to Keegan. So everyone wins; Doreen gets to do a cool marathon, the boys and my parents do grandparent things and I get a Guinness. I think I am getting the best part of the trip. ;-)