Here's some espresso math for you...

Take a relatively busy cafe' + two years spent behind a three grouphead heat exchange espresso machine = fanatical espresso hound.

Knock down the cafe' in approx three months and there goes the three grouphead heat exchange espresso machine until a new cafe is built two years later subtract really easy to drink espresso setup = dire situation.

Take a loving, understanding, caring, supportive and lets not forget, beautiful wife taking advantage of a certain espresso persons b-day + an upcoming end year traditional gifting time = an increased ability to consider a wider range of particularly shiny objects.

Apply quite a lot of man hours in an obsessive researching effort + a desire to have precise control over the extraction temps at the E61 grouphead over a predictable shot range both intra and inter-shot = the newest family addition.

This addition is too heavy for even a stork so I will settle for Fedex International, hopefully by the end of the week.

Drum roll please...

Want to learn more about the youngest member of the family, yet to be given a cool family name (Evan and Keegan are already taken), go check it out:

Thanks for the prezzie, honey.