Oct 3, 2005

State of the Union

Shaun is out at the shooting range instructing a group of fellows, so I figured I would bring you up to date on the basic status of things:

Shaun's Second Cup closes down Dec 31, 05 because condo highrises are being built on the land. In two years time they will be complete and he will have a shiny new store in the street level retail space. With Shaun having no work commitments for the next two years, we told Fluor we could take an assignment. The timing is perfect, we can see the sights, make a few extra dollars and Shaun can stay home with the boys.

There's a few opportunities but we dont know what the future holds. In a few weeks we're headed to Ireland to visit Shaun's parents and have an interview with the Fluor Camberley office while we're there. Living in England is appealing but we'll have to see what they offer for compensation. The cost of living is pretty crazy. Or we could go to Saint John, NB. I think that would be nice too. Not as exciting as England, but living on the ocean in a smaller community would be much more peaceful and far less expensive. Who knows? And Fluor's picking up lots of work in Calgary so we might just stay here.

Lots of good options but i'm starting to be keen to just have it decided. It'll be a relief just to know where we'll be, and when we'll go.