This morning we headed out to an awesome mountain bike trail, without the bikes. We were on our first hike with Keegan, strolling along the creek at the back end of Powderface trail. That's the part of the trail that you are either really happy to see or really sad, depending on how hard you have been riding for the previous parts of the trail. It was a nice weather day, a bit crisp but refreshing.

We were out with Bud, Bob and Kari, Danny and Mandy, and associated kidlets. Pico was glad to be out for a good run and splash in the icy water. Doreen was happy to carry Keegan in the backpack, Keegan was happy to be carried. I had fun with Evan hanging onto my finger and pointing out sticks whenever he saw them, he saw a lot of sticks. Evan was a fan of eating ice chunks by the creek.

On the way back to Calgary we all stopped in Bragg Creek for lunch. Keegan inherited the mischevious look from his mom.

This afternoon I headed out with Shawn and Trevor to sight in Shawn's .308 hunting rifle with his new Leupold scope. Good to hang with the boys and before I headed home Shawn hooked me up with some deer sausage - fried it up when I got home, everybody loved it! Owe ya one buddy.