Nov 20, 2005

Selling a house

Time has slipped by that's for sure. Its been a hectic couple of weeks, selling the house and all the associated fun and games that goes along with that sort of thing. Rather than relay the entire saga, we actually sold the house twice. The first time was when we were in Ireland, a doctor out of the US bought it and made it conditional on home inspection and financing. The inspection went well and we thought for sure financing would be a given. We had been back in Canada a few days when we were told the bad news; the doctor couldn't complete financing.

So we were back to square one and this time we would be in the house when it went on the market. We decided it was best if Doreen took the boys up to her folks place in Red Deer (thanks George and Ruth) while I stayed back and got the house ready for sale again and kept it in hospital clean room condition. What's clean? This meant coming back from the cafe' at the end of the day and only breathing lightly and hovering just inches over the floors so as not to disturb the glossy shine of things.

With the family in Red Deer and clean house syndrome wearing thin I was relieved to hear the first offer come in. I was missing my clan and hoped this might be a sign for their return and then surprise, we got a second offer! That night we were lucky enough to witness a bidding war on our house sale. By the end of the next day the house was sold and we were several thousand dollars over our listed selling price - with no conditions attached! Best part was Doreen and the boys came back from Red Deer that day, I was missing them all. Thoughtfully Evan proceeded to remove all hospital clean room conditions and within hours the house was back to its original "Evan lives here" look.