For those of you who don't know, my Second Cup cafe' is closing the door for the last time on 31 Dec. My block is being demolished so that a new condo project can be built up in its place. Approx two years from now I will be opening the door on a brand new Second Cup cafe' built within the new condo project retail space and serving some of the 1000 residents living above the cafe. Includng our current loyal customers it will make for busy times indeed!

Its a bittersweet moment, having owned the cafe for two years I have come to love my staff and gain some great friends and acquaintances throughout my customer base. When I purchased the cafe I poured a lot of effort into making it the cafe it is today. Looking back I can see how far it has come, both financially and culturally. A coffee house really can make an impact on a neighborhood and we are told all the time about the great job we do. Now that people know we are closing 31 Dec, it is becoming more and more a reality that is harder to face as a lot of customers express how sad they are that we are leaving. Locking the door for the last time will be a sad day.

The upside is I get to spend more time with my clan and help out a lot more. Hopefully we will be able to take some time off for travelling before Doreen goes back to work. Speaking of which, it looks like we will be heading out to Saint John, New Brunswick for Doreen's new job. Doreen will be taking on the role of Project Engineer on behalf of Fluor for their client Irving. Doreen's anticipated start date is mid-March so between now and then we plan to buy a house (Doreen is house shoping online right now) and settle into the new community. It sounds like it will work out quite well as we should be out there for approx two years, long enough for a certain cafe' to be built. So while Doreen solves the worlds engineering problems I will solve the household diaper problems and try not to start up my own roasting company or launch my own online e-commerce medieval sheild delivery service; entrepreneurial fever can sometimes be a curse.

As things progress we will keep you posted. Charles, if you are reading this, and thinking about "borrowing" my grinders and "other stuff" for a couple of years, ehrmm sure you can; please ensure you have done a recent oil change and put on some new rubber before you hand over the keys to your car as part of a fair exchange.