Its been a couple of busy weeks so I fell behind in posting photos - sorry about that.

Currently we are completely immersed in trying to find a house in Calgary. It is looking more and more like Fluor wants Doreen to stay in town since she was asked to do an important interview last week. Having said that we can't rule out Saint John as a possibility. There's nothing better than throwing a ton of very late night man hours at trying to find the perfect house in two provinces... and be moved into the perfect house before the final day of ownership in our current house; less than 60 days away. To increase the Advil requirements the cafe' closure is in 18 days. The property management company responsible for the cafe' footprint is dragging their feet on issues they are obligated to resolve and the ton of things that need to be completed before end-month haven't moved forward one inch yet, uugh! It should all make for an action-packed month. Did I say Advil, better make it extra strength Advil.

So that's the whining out of the way, on to the latest batch of photos. Enjoy!

Here's a photo from this evening while over at friends for a Christmas gift swapping. A lot of crawling and running around makes for two tired looking boys.

A good shot of Keegan in his usual form - smiling. Just a few days ago he started pulling himself up on things and standing. A bit concerning when taking a shower this morning to pull the shower curtain back and see him hanging on to the edge of the bathtub smiling his wobbly toothless grin.

Here is his first attempt at stairs, he took them like a champ.