Well I have certainly found a great little sanctuary in Victoria. 2% Jazz café has quickly become my neighborhood hangout, somewhere to decompress after the madness of my café. Whether it’s reading the National Post or flicking through one of the coffee related magazines laying around the place, or even staring out the window, it is a great place to be. I have already lost count on amount of espresso consumed. Why this place? It might be the café style, it’s probably the barista’s, for sure the quality of espresso helps. It’s a lot of things that a lot of cafés just don’t get. Anyway I dig it and that’s means they are executing well on a bunch of different levels.

Robert, who manages the café in Sam Jones’s absence, has been most accommodating; he pulls a great shot and brings to the table a well rounded knowledge of the barista craft. We both agree, it is bloody hard work if you are doing it passionately. Here’s Robert prepping for a shot. I really dig that bean hopper, just had to get it in the photo.

Here’s an up close shot of the in-house blend pulled off the Synesso.

This is one of the trademark drinks I sampled called “Too hot to handle”, really interesting and quite good. I believe it was coconut, chocolate, chili powder, a restricted shot and chocolate shavings. I recommend it as a must-try.

I guess if you hang around in a café long enough and talk about pitting, channeling, the effect of humidity throughout the day versus grind and oh yeah I too have pulled hundreds of shots in a day, you might get invited to hop behind the espresso machine.

I was lucky, and jumped at the invite. What an easy blend to work with and great setup behind the bar. The shot I pulled for myself was fantastic and I know it could be even better with a few more pulls under my belt with their setup. Muchas gracias 2% Jazz!

Later in the day Doreen slipped by the cafe' with the boys and we all headed downtown to the Inner Harbour on a rainy day. Earlier on they had been hanging with Grandma at the Bug Museum - Evan's favourite... the spider bug. It was nice strolling around with my clan. On a different note, 23 days in a row it has been raining with no end in sight. How do people do it?


Peter said...

Oh man. I just read this and am quite jealous... I'm really glad though that you are liking 2%. I still maintain that it is my favorite of all of the cafés I have been to. But I've yet to step behind a Synesso. Oh well, that's alright, since the Clover is unveiled (I believe the 2nd ever commercial model ever) at Elysian, and I'm going to be there.