Jan 28, 2006

Genius ladybug hunter

Yesterday I was in the kitchen when Evan informs me he has a ladybug. The automatic assumption would be Evan is setting me up for a quick story time; one of several books that have ladybugs in them. But no, he is actually holding a ladybug. Not sure where he found it on the floor, or how it got in the house - no doubt from the back deck. Anyway, there he was delicately holding a ladybug. I was surprised how relaxed and careful he was with the ladybug crawling all over him. It must have been the intense training he went through with Grandma and Doreen at the "Bug Museum" in Victoria a few weeks ago. Here's a cool shot of our intrepid ladybug hunter with a trophy bug on his finger.

This weekend it's all about packing for the upcoming move. In fact once I am finished writing this I am hitting the garage, uugh! We take over the new house 01 Feb and the movers are in 02 Feb to do the heavy lift. Both of us will be glad to get into the new house so we can settle into a routine, and of course hit the hot tub. ;-)