Jan 9, 2006

On the road

Well the cafe' closure went fairly well. It's a complex tale of villains and hero's but near the end of the story our central character does slay the dragon and save the damsel in distress. Ehrmmm, that's actually a more exciting story than the cafe' closure, so suffice to say, I am just glad the operational gear is in storage.

When my primary responsibilities were finally, finally over, Doreen and I looked at each other and said - lets get out of town. So we loaded up the Pilot and headed west. First stop on the trail, Maple Ridge. Why there you ask, Deanne and Jacques of course. Muchas gracias para tu casa amigos, or in english - thanks man. Nice to spend time with you guys, and maybe next time we drop in we will bring our own carrots for the rabbit.

It was hard to leave Maple Ridge, mainly because Jacques kept asking Evan for help with his movie industry sound and projection trailers. I think in this shot Evan is explaining the various ways to counter secondary sound reflections off smooth surfaces such as installed bar fridges or exposed foreheads.

Sunday saw us heading downtown Vancouver to meet up with a coffee friend Peter, who works at Wicked Cafe and pulls Intelligentsia all day long. Peter set me up with some nice french press and of course the obligatory Black Cat espresso. Doreen, as you can see here got some of Peter's latte art. Not to worry, Wicked Cafe will serve you a spoon rather than a dinosaur.

While Peter and I talked all things espresso, Doreen got a great shot of a reflective Evan, pun intended.

Keegan was holding his own during the slurping of fine blends and only took a break to see if anyone was trying to grab a seat at our table.

Looking at this shot, it reminds me that Evan is still very much a toddler, clutching his little toy, though I view him as a small adult/boy most of the time.

From Wicked Cafe we headed on down to the Elysian Room with Peter, and I am glad we did. The Hines espresso pulled off the 2 group Synesso was... superb. Shaun need more! Insert here a long and overly descriptive dialogue regarding said shot, example prose containing words like intense, sweet, full-bodied, etc and ultimately culminating in - Shaun need more!

Mmmm, I also dig the Elysian Room, quite different from Wicked Cafe', and no disrespect to Wicked, but as an owner Elysian is where I would want to be. And what a great looking shot.

From Elysian it was off to the ferry where the boys may not have realized they were on a boat as it was all about the kids playroom.

That evening we met Marlon in Victoria's Chinatown for a late night meal and then off to the hotel. Ahhhh, one week in Victoria with no agenda, nice!!

This morning we went up to 2% Jazz cafe on recommendation from Peter. Thanks Peter, I spent most of the day there and got some fantastic shots off their new blend. Different from the Hines but right up there. Of course it helps when a great barista is pulling shots, and I was more than happy during my time there. Perfect, three great cafe's in less than a 24 hour period. Doreen thoughtfully abandoned me for a few hours to coffeegeek out and read some newpapers. Wow, what a concept; I used to sell newspapers in my cafe but never had the time to read them but used to watch my customers spend hours in my cafe and never unerstood it. Now all I want to do is decompress for the next week or so and read for several hours, in a cafe, drinking coffee. It's all making sense all of a sudden. ;-)