What were the other phases you may ask, well let's run it down quickly:

Phase 1 - Sell your house in anticipation of moving to the east coast for Doreen's job which was to start shortly after the cafe' was demolished.

Phase 2 - Do a 180 degree switch, the job might be in Calgary so also look for a house here.

Phase 3 - Close a cafe' because the block is being demolished.

Phase 4 - Buy a house in Calgary.

Phase 5- Go on an unplanned road trip.

So we have completed phase 5 as of three hours ago when we walked back through our front door and we have just begun working on phase 6. What's phase 6... to be answered shortly.

In the last post we were ducking rain in Victoria. Well on our last day there we finally saw some sun so we headed off to a beach so Evan could throw sticks in the ocean. Evan had his own cheering section, they just showed up and seemed to know him.

Evan had a few pointers for dad, as you can see he threw a long one for Pico who is swimming the stick back.

Evan scouring the beach for a really big stick.

Poor Pico, one minute she would be swimming way out into the ocean when dad threw it, the next minute she would have to duck a stick Evan was throwing.

Victoria was a good decompress time but since we didn't bring our umbrella's we decided to hit the road again and off we went to Penticton. We booked into the "250 foot water slide" Travelodge. We didn't care so much about the hotel, mainly that it would be fun for all of us, and it was. The slide water, as you can see, had a chilling effect.

What better way to warm up than to hit the slide, a lot. Here's one of us launching into the pool after 250 feet of laughter.

This next shot you have to look at and say at least thirty times in a row "More slide, more slide" but do it with a grin.

Towards the end of our slide session Doreen had to save the day. On one of the last slides with Evan I pushed the envelope a bit too hard (I think it was his idea, haha) and we launched off the slide pretty fast. We shot underwater, only for a second, but it was enough to have Evan change his mind about the joy of sliding. Fortunately, Doreen stepped up and took Evan for a slower pace slide, inevitably as we left Evan and the slide were still good friends. It seems I enjoyed my time with Evan and the slide as well because I am looking much more relaxed in this photo than I remember being two weeks ago.

Our last evening in Penticton had us looking for a winery. We found a pretty cool site called the Red Rooster Winery just a few kms out of town. The winery is very well done on a smallish scale, they produce about 15,000 cases a year. After tasting several samples we went with a nice Merlot. As we were leaving it started to snow, which made for a great shot of Doreen and Keegan.

The last decent cafe' we found on our travels was a newish place in Penticton called Fibonacci Roastery and Cafe'. I found it quite by accident after drinking an espresso in a nearby cafe' that was so bad it had me spitting, in a scramble to get the rancid taste off my tastebuds I nearly ran to this cafe' which Evan found to be quite amusing. While there I met the owner who said he was a graphic designer by trade and had an office upstairs but because he couldn't find a good coffee anywhere in town he decided to open his shop. I have to admit, the cafe' is almost perfect in its design. They are pulling shots off a 3 group Synesso and roasting with a Diedrich with an automation package. Nice! The drip coffee was good but the espresso was facing stiff competition against the likes of the Elysian room and 2% Jazz cafe'. I would go back again for sure, they have accomplished a lot in a short period of time considering they opened up in June, 2005.

Its good to be back in Calgary again. Hotels were starting to get a bit, well, hotelish. And now for the much awaited phase 6. Moving into our new house. We have quite a bit of paperwork to do and of course the mandatory packing and moving, unpacking and redistribution. But eventually we will be sitting in the hot tub, looking at the mountains and laughing about things. That is until phase 7 comes into play... ;-)