We started off the head for the mountains morning as per usual with Doreen jumping out of bed before anyone else, she slid the boys in next to me and got a photo of Evan and I doing our best to point towards the mountains in our sleep.

We got all the cross-country gear loaded in the Pilot and headed for Goat Creek out by Canmore. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the start point Keegan had soaked through his diaper and 47 layers of clothing before we managed to get our skis on.

So Doreen took one on the chin for the team and headed back to Canmore while Evan and I headed out on the trail. I had forgotten how great it is to tow Evan behind me as we skiied along into the mountains. When you finally lose sight of eveyone else you gain your rewards; the quiet of the wilderness and the sizzle of the ski's biting into the snow, Pico sprinting back and forth and pushing yourself as hard or as easy as you want. I'm glad Doreen had the foresight to plan for the ski attachments for the Chariot. We got our money's worth last year, so the next few years are all gravy.

Here's a close-up of the new "The Jackal" look. ;-)

On the way back out of Canmore we stopped in to look at showhomes for ideas on paint schemes etc, which might work for the new house. While going through the various sites we discussed, as we always do, every year, how we are going to kick ourselves 10 years from now for not investing in Canmore. Every year the prices continue to soar out there and reach what seem to be unrealistic levels. Every year I am surprised how the real estate industry has managed to create a new level of excitement and breaks through new heights. We were in condo units today that were asking over $400 per sq ft and offered very little other than "it's Canmore". I wouldn't have offered them $200 per sq ft, but the reality is the current prices almost make sense from an investment point of view. I'm sure that next year we will still be kicking ourselves for not getting involved out there, Canmore is certainly on our short list of places to retire.

We did step into the new 4 million dollar house in the Three Sisters development, that place is unbelievable. But no matter how impressive it is I'm not sure if it makes sense out there as it is a complete anomaly compared to its closest level of build. I think it is probably a mistake.

We hit Java Jamboree in Cochrane just as they were closing. I thought they were open later on Sundays but the owners were kind enough to hang around a while and chat. The espresso machine had just been shut down, so no beverages but I was mainly there for the beans anyway. They were low on beans but offered up 1/2 pound of Schomer's blend anyway, thanks guys, I know how difficult that can be when you feel like you might not have enough to last the next day. We will blow through these beans pretty quickly, better look at getting some more before the green beans arrive.

Speaking of coffee, I had to pull a shot of Schomer's when we got back home a couple of hours ago. I had espresso at two independents earlier today, one at a local cafe' this morning and the other a Canmore cafe' during the afternoon and they were both sub-standard. The first was pulling shots through a dirty machine, you could taste the rancid oils in the shot. The next was just plain old poor technique. Sigh.