Ehhrrmmmm, time sure flew by in December. Lets see, what happened:

Our staff Christmas party on the 17th went really well, the Sultan's Tent for dinner and drinks very late into the early morning hours. By all accounts it was a great time, I know I sure enjoyed it!

Around this time of the month a lot of our customers were starting to realize that we were REALLY going to be closing down the cafe' on Dec 31. So from this point on there was a lot of effort and time spent explaining that the cafe' was being closed for the neighborhood demolition and in approx two years the doors would be re-opened. Some very sad customers. It all made for really long days. Nice to get home, usually to pajama clad boys.

Pretty quickly we had raced towards Christmas Day giving everyone a much anticipated bit of time with family and friends. We headed for Red Deer to spend it with Doreen's family.

With presents under the tree for Christmas Day the boys proceeded to tear things apart to lots of squealing and laughs.

All the excitement of Christmas took its toll when we got back to Calgary as Evan demonstrated by smelling the table for quite a long time.

The other exciting news, aside from Evan's newfound ability to ascertain the subtle differences found in a variety of oak, was the purchase of a house. 01 Feb will see us in the new place. It is a great location for Doreen, being only 12 minutes from Fluor, and it backs onto Fish Creek Park. Good mtn biking, fly-fishing and pine cone throwing with the boys. From the ridgeline it is only a few minutes to the river. A lovely house that we can see spending quite a few years in. Hopefully you will all see it in a couple of months either at the housewarming party or if you want to drop by after a ride and hit the hot tub. ;-)

Sorry about the poor shot of the frontage but this is what you should see when you pull up to the curb with your bathing suit.

Lots of things to look forward to with the new year. Of course the cafe' was closed yesterday, a few hugs and a few watery eyes. Since I won't be pulling hundreds of espresso shots for quite a while, we can spend a bit of time together as a family and plan for the remainder of the year. Doreen will be going back to Fluor Calgary office in the spring and I am looking forward to a challenging opportunity, still trying to decide what it might be. Perhaps joining a national hostage rescue team and doing explosive entries into building windows many floors up while swinging in one handed on a rope while the other firmly holds a trusty 9mm handgun? Nah, I've already done it, and wearing all that black didn't really show off my penetrating blueish green eyes and the balaclava hid my rogueish grin, haha. If anyone has any ideas what I should be when I grow-up, please drop me a line.