Feb 10, 2006

10 days of change

Lots going on in the last 10 days and here it is, not in chronological order.

First of all Doreen and the boys are doing great! Doreen is back in the swing of things with Fluor, getting fully immersed in the project they have her working on. She comes back talking about Gantt charts, slide rulers and the lunch room offering. Seriously, she is really enjoying the challenge of being back in the work force. Best of all she has been running to work as it is so close to our new house.

On moving day, three big guys from Classic Moving showed up at the old house with a really big truck to move about 12,000lbs of schtufff. Off we went to the new place so we could fill it full of cardboard boxes. Nearly the whole day spent moving 20kms. As mentioned to Doreen, the next time I'm moving its in a coffin. Moving sucks. The boys are digging the new digs, the basement is primarily used to play lego, watch fish or the occasional "Ice Age" movie on the home theater setup. Everyone likes the basement, but we haven't had them in the hot tub yet, probably never get them out.

We now have fish, the former owners left us four of their Cichlids in a 20 gallon tank. So far I have only figured out the correct latin name for one of them and what it likes to eat, the other three are still unknown. We went to Big Al's aquarium supplies last night to get a bottom feeder (Petricola) to help clean up the nitrogen waste, and also got five tiny Zebra Danio to create a small school for the Cichlid's. Apparently these "trigger" fish are very fast and can't be eaten by the sometimes predatory Cichlid's. This morning the five Zebra Danio school consists of two, maybe somebody pulled the trigger on the three trigger fish. Now I am going to have to head back and get three or four more Zebra Danio as research indicates these fish prefer five or six per school. Why couldn't they have left a turtle? ;-)

Yesterday we did the initial paperwork on a small investment condo in SE Calgary. We have 10 days to review the documentation and determine if there are any concerns. The investment advantage is the small deposit required to hold the condo and the delivery time which will be in approx two year. In that time we figure the property will have increased its value while we won't have to deliver any further cash obligations other than the initial deposit. The longer it takes the project to complete, the better for us. Once we have the keys the plan is to sell it at fair market value and take advantage of the market growth over the 2 to 2.5 years.

Coffee, if I could find the camera you would be looking at the now empty bag of Sweet Maria's Espresso Monkey roast which I just finished this morning. I will roast the next batch of that blend a bit lighter next time. The last shot was a fantastic uber-restricted ristretto. Tight grind, updosed, adjusted the Brewtus II pressure to 11 bar on my guage, got maybe 1 ounce in approx 40 seconds - wicked shot! Not much point in describing it as it would probably get boring while I coffeegeek-out. Currently I have Paradise Roaster's Espresso Classico sitting in the cupboard for 48 hours, another day and it will be ready to taste. I did two batches of that blend, one just hit second crack the other is about 15 seconds pre-second crack. Should be a lovely A-B comparison. This afternoon I will french press either the Kenya Peaberry lot # 54 or the Ethiopian FTO Harrar - Oromia Coop. Sit in the sun on the back deck, stare at the mountains while the boys are napping and float off to Kenya or Ethiopia. Yeah, I like that idea.

Stairs! The bungalow didn't have stairs, this place has stairs and Keegan is learning to climb them, oh my nerves!

That was some rapid typing, and well, its time for a snack. Keegan is going down for a nap right after snacktime, hopefully Evan will go down at the same time. More to report maybe tomorrow, and at that time we might have called in the cavalry better known as three or four more Zebra fish.