Feb 13, 2006


Whatever does that acronym stand for? Simple:

Bjork - Currently playing on the IPOD, for the afternoon snack, we are all bobbing our heads around, Keegan giving a goofy, not so tooth-filled grin. Bjork's "Violently Happy" (Debut) is the winner as the stacatto(sp) portion is particularly easy to goof around to.

Perogies - That's the afternoon snack.

Espresso - Just pulled that Harar at 93 celsius on the Brewtus II it was a bit too citrusy, will play with temp and such tomorrow to see what else can be done with that bean.

Dancing - the talented boys are dancing while sitting, I am typing and dancing/bouncing around (espresso related)

Grapes - Big hit, electrolytes to replenish the potential dehydrating effect of chair dancing and antioxidants to counter the effect of free-radicals as they are working so hard.

Park - That's where we are headed next, its all of 1 minute from the backyard entrance and its a nice sunny day.