Feb 13, 2006

Espresso morning

Keegan is chowing on a banana and Evan is building a lego tower next to Pico. I am typing while waiting for the last .5 ounce of my last shot to cool down for the final taste. The shots this morning were a comparison between the two Espresso Classico (Paradise Roasters blend) batches I did five days ago. One batch is in the Northern Italian style, nice medium brown, no oil, midway between first and second crack. The other batch was into second crack and is approx a Vienna roast, oils are showing on all the beans in this darker batch.

Same blend but the two roasts require completely different grinds and dose to get the best out of them; well at least for my preferences. They are both quite good in their own unique fashion, next time I roast up a batch I think I will find the midle ground between the two roast scales. The darker roast cuts into milk well and that is working well for Doreen's lattes.

This just in... It is now an hour later and Keegan is now just starting to twitch as he begins his nap and I type away to make sure he is in the full-on napzone.

Anyway, roasts in the last 10 days have been:

- Ethiopia FTO Harar -Oromia Coop
- Kenya Auction Lot #54 Peaberry
- Sweet Maria's Espresso Monkey Blend
- Paradise Roaster's Espresso Classico

Being an espresso junkie I want to roast just the espresso related green beans but understand that the non-espresso beans offer just as much in their own way. As an example, the Harar is a wonderful French Press but it also pulls a really good espresso, yay, best of both coffee worlds.

This afternoon I hope to roast the Guatemala El Injerto and Sweet Maria's Moka Kadir Blend if Keegan cooperates. ;-)