Feb 23, 2006

Espresso photos

So for a change, here are some photos of the shot I drank this morning.

The shot was a restricted espresso approx 1.5 ounces in volume pulled over maybe 35 seconds. The blend was sweetmaria's Puro Scuro. I dosed 18 grams on a fairly tight grind and set the temp at 93 celsius. The shot turned out quite nicely but you can see some minor flaws in my tamp throughout the sequence.

This photo shows approx eight seconds into the start of the extraction, a fairly uniform start with perhaps the exception of the front right quadrant. The front right quadrant filled itself in quickly.

The next photo is showing the eye of the tornado formed slightly to the front of the portafilter. This was approx 25 seconds in. Typically when I pull a restricted shot or a normal shot the biggest difference I will see visually is the width of the stream. The normal shot will look much more cone-shaped/wider, whereas the restricted shot will be more gloopy and drippy and a narrower, slower stream. I will get a photo of a normal shot at another time.

This last photo is just before I cut the shot. You can see it starting to blond-out just a bit, it's not too bad but I was after a restricted shot and wanted intensity rather than volume.

Well, it looks like Keegan is about 10 minutes into twitching sleep, so that's it for now. Stay tuned in for more espresso excitment. I know you all can hardly wait, stop holding your breath. ;-)