Feb 22, 2006

Its a dragon morning

Here's a great shot of Evan clowning around in the dragon clothes hamper. We played the "dragon jumpy game" for 10 minutes until he remembered he hadn't had his vitamin yet. The art in the background is one of two pieces we have from a great local artist who I came to know through my cafe'. Mark and I share the same sense of humour and would enjoy a bit of "the craic" whenever he came in. This piece of art came about through a discussion of how I would like another piece based on his current work but he didn't have anything available at that time. Mark offered to create something for us, a form of commissioned work I suppose. It was exciting to finally see it after weeks of anticipation, and we were extremely pleased with this beauty. To learn more about how Mark creates his pieces, using a complex process to include beeswax, an age-old technique, you can go to his website Mark Holliday. Unfortunately the photo doesn't showcase the art as it deserves, so I recommend checking his other stuff out.

Its snowing in Calgary at the moment, things are getting pretty white outside. Here is the "lets find the bunny rabbit game", which is exceedingly difficult since the wild rabbits that roam along the greenspace are white at the moment. Evan does have a keen eye though, I call it his sniper eye, though he isn't big enough to fit into my ghillie suit yet. Here's a shot of them both looking for the black fringe on the big white rabbit ears.

I got a nice shot of the Liquid Amber Espresso this morning. The first pull was a bit off, with a grind adjustment the next one was on. I got most of the qualities as described for this blend, though I did get a tiny bit of biting "woodiness" at the back end. Probably my temp, will try 1 degree celsius cooler/hotter next time I pull it.

Well its the end of the day and here's an example of what happens when a certain two year old doesn't get a nap in the afternoon. This shot was taken before the really active head-bobbing began. He does like espresso crema, wonder if he would like me to pull him a shot.