Feb 24, 2006

Mmmm Organic Beef

This morning we got a delivery of organic beef. It was by way of a chance encounter with a couple of local organic farmers Guitton Farms. I purchased some organic ex-lean ground beef from them and made an organic chili that evening. Pretty much the tastiest chili I can remember. I think I must have said "Man, this is good chili" six or seven times at the dinner table. That night I ordered a bunch more beef from them.

I think their prices are reasonable compared to what the rest of the organic beef market has to offer. Buying direct from them saves you paying the middle man and hopefully they do better because of it. I figure I saved about 30% having them deliver it rather than buying at an organic supermarket. Anyway, its chili tonight!

The espresso I had this morning was a chocolate airstrike. It was the remaining 6 grams of Moka Kadir and 12 grams of Puro Scuro. Pulled at 93 celsius, in approx 38 seconds and 1.25 ounce in volume including crema settled. Wow! I think the Moka Kadir helped take the edge off the Puro Scuro, or perhaps it was the lighter roast of the Moka. Whatever the case, it was a fantastic shot. I was enjoying the chocolatey taste 30 minutes later.

Here's a photo of the boys wrestling, you can see Keegan about to go in for his patented new teeth chomp. Don't think that one is part of the mixed martial arts scene, and I didn't teach it to him. Though my opinion is "whatever works".

We did inherit some fish when we moved into the new house. Four Cichlid's that are in my opinion schizophrenic, but I suppose that's part of their nature. The reason we kept them is because of this photo, the boys love them.

I introduced a Spotted Rafael Catfish and a Synodontis Petricola to the tank in hopes of keeping the nitrogen count down. The Rafael looks like a small confident armoured tank wandering around the substrate and the Petricola looks like a very small and sleek spotted shark. Pretty cool.

As you can see above, this fish is "Mr yellow". They all have names to include; Mr Black, Mr Orange and Mr Purple.

While Evan is napping, Keegan is loving watch me roast some beans. He starts to sob if I put him down and starts smiling and pointing at the beans whipping around in the roaster when I hold him up to it. This is a photo of the just finished Paradise Roasters Brazil Yellow Bourbon. Next up is a batch of Paradise Roasters Espresso Nuevo I really enjoyed their Classico so I have high expectations of the Nuevo. Hilarious, while I was on the back deck standing in the snow stirring the roasted Nuevo beans to cool them off, Keegan was banging on the glass, watching and laughing. OK, that's it, he's not going to follow in dad's footsteps and be a Special Forces operative, he's going to be a roaster; its settled.