Feb 16, 2006

New shot

So I just dug into the Moka Kadir I roasted 48 hours ago. Another uber restricted shot, not intentionally this time, I misjudged the grind. The blend being so fresh and a touch oily was more resistive than I had anticipated. Lucky me! Maybe an ounce in 35 seconds. As soon as I put Keegan down I am going back downstairs to back the grind off a bit and pull another one. Yum!

Here's a shot of the Keegan-ator surveying his toy domain. I give him a couple of weeks until he takes his first unassisted steps. That's when the fun begins. He's pretty independent as it is right now. Content to sit nearby and play with something.

Oh yeah, yesterday we closed on the house in Altadore. I bought that house nearly 5 years ago. It treated us very well that's for sure. The new house is great, we are starting to settle in, both inside and out. I will get some photos of both put up eventually. A couple of days ago I spent two hours with the boys on the ridge just behind the house which looks down onto Fish Creek Park and the river. We were throwing sticks for Pico in the river and I was eyeballing fly fishing spots to take Evan to. Doesn't matter if the fishing is good right behind the house, just that Evan gets hang out with dad and fish.

Its a couple of hours later and I did pull that second shot of the Moka Kadir, with a looser grind. About 2 ounces a great bittersweet chocolate with a touch of caramel, thick body and lovely combination of floral/citrus scents. Quite a contrast between taste and smell. I also got a touch of "green" in there, I'm sure at the 72 hour roast point it will be gone and I will be judging that tomorrow morning. Luverly!