Here's a shot from yesterday of Evan and I finger painting something cool for Doreen's office. He likes painting for sure.

A nice lazy Sunday morning spent drinking coffee and playing with the boys, mainly on the living room floor. With Doreen back at work full-time its good she gets to goof off with them.

When not swinging upside-down, Evan is quite content to sit and flick through whatever books are nearby; and there are always 10 or more children's books within arms reach, anywhere in the house. We have a small playschool libraries worth of books, and a real library within 12 minutes drive. Evan digs both libraries.

This was a difficult photo, there was a lot of sunshine streaming in behind Keegan and I wanted to silhouette him. Even though there is a bit of blur from him moving the camera around, I still like the soft blur effect.

We were drinking two different coffees this morning from Paradise Roasters. This photo is a French Press of the Yellow Bourbon just finished brewing (the roast was so fresh the bloom off the coffee grinds when I first poured the water in was huge), it was a really nice press, but I base that on only a couple of tasting sips, as I brewed it for Doreen. I agree with the review done at, for me this single origin really shines as an espresso. Unlike their recommendation, I pulled this as a .75 ounce shot in about 40 seconds - not on purpose, the roast was still a bit fresh at 42 hours, so still a bit too fresh. Approx half of it was crema. My roast is just now starting to show a trace of oil on a few beans, I think it is perfect for this espresso focus. The shot was, in accordance with, a superb shot. I got a LOT of milk chocolate and suprisingly more almond than expected. I got very little of the described fruit flavour, perhaps a lighter roast next time. I was still loving it 20 minutes later. Next shot of this will be pulled with a looser grind, more volume and shorter pull time as per their recommendations; hoping to find that overripe cherry and strawberry.

I also pulled Paradise Roasters Espresso Nuevo. Again, a wonderful coffee as duly noted by Ken David's review. I had the grind a bit too tight, no doubt due to the early tasting, it really needs another day I think. It was nearly all crema and I didn't want to let that shot go to waste, I was rewarded with a new appreciation for espresso. Paradise Roasters green bean - highly recommended!!!

Finally, the cleanse. I just did a seven day cleanse which was really quite good. Between the herbs and the fairly restrictive diet I lost three and a half pounds and now sit at 8% bodyfat. I didn't really need to lose much bodyfat, but dropping it is good also. What I learned most from this cleanse was:

a.) I have been a bit lazy on drinking enough water throughout the day, the cleanse had me drinking about 10 cups a day, prior to this I was drinking far less. I had just fallen out of habit.

b.) I haven't been eating enough fruit or greens throughout the day. The cleanse, if nothing else, put me back on a good nutritional footing. And that's a good thing.

The cleanse allowed for only one coffee a day, that was challenging. I stuck to this obligation with the exception of if I wanted to taste two different espresso I would drink 2/3rds of each. And since espresso has less caffeine than normal coffee that sat OK with me. What I learned from this last week was to move to a higher level of espresso execution in order to "Make it count". I won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say I am now off the charts espresso-geekified. It was a good week for espresso though, even though I drank way less than I normally do, I think it did help my prep and quality. Hmmmmmm, what to roast next...

Haha, well a couple of hours later and I went roasting mad. The cool thing about roasting is Evan and Keegan both like watching the entire process.

I roasted the following beans which I have high expectations for by themselves and in the case of a couple of them, to be used as blenders:

- Nicaragua Cup of Excellence - La Esperanza
- Sweetmaria's Espresso Monkey Blend
- Colombian Mesa de Los Santos Organic Special Reserve 100% Bourbon
- Sumatra Isakandar Triple-Pick
- Sulawesi Toraja Grade 1

OK, no more roasting for this week, as of right now there is approx two pounds of roasted espresso variants or French Press-able. I'm sending Doreen off to work in the morning with a carefully weighed out baggie of the "La Esperanza". One thousand people in her office and she will be the only one drinking GOOD coffee. ;-)