Is it possible that our garage, along with associated packing boxes, has a life of its own. I have blown a couple of hours out there looking for a particular item, only to be denied. I have surrendered for the moment and brewed a french press of the Guatemalan El Injerto, finally. This bean from the Huehuetenango region is grown at quite a high elevation and is a respected single estate bean.

In the press I thought it was wonderful and what I term a great "morning coffee". A focused acidity, almost sparklingly clear, nice sweet citrus more citrus than sweet, a hint of berries though I can't define which though if I was forced I would lean towards fresh and tart cranberry but I'm probably off. I would give it a medium body, a bit dissapointing in the nose though there were some floral notes. I liked it and am still enjoying it.

While I was disliking the garage, I decided to roast some more espresso. We put a dent in the Moka Kadir and Espresso Classico yesterday. Doreen = 2 americano's and 1 latte, Shaun = 2 espresso's and 1 french press, the cupboard was starting to look bare. ;-) Since I roast 150 grams of green per batch and I lose about 30 grams to the roasting process, we banged down a complete batch yesterday. The Moka Kadir which was superb espresso, only rested for 48 hours before I tasted it, then it lasted all of only 24 hours more. I really have to roast some inventory to create a bit of depth; I want to taste these espresso blends 8-12 days post-roast. So a roasting I will go.

I roasted some of the Puro Scuro yesterday evening and just now roasted some of the Liquid Amber Espresso. Both of them were roasted into second crack. Here's a shot of the dizzying world that green beans look forward to.

Here's a shot of the roasted batch cooling down on the granite after I have brought them in from the -10 celsius on the back deck. Any onlooker will probably think I am mad; flipping and stirring a smoking/steaming bowl of something for a couple of minutes in my pyjamas. As you can see they have a light glistening of oil, though it had just started to form, this photo makes them look oilier than they are.

Now... back to that garage!