Feb 15, 2006

Warming up a tamper

Keegan is following in the footsteps of Evan, he wants to help dad. This morning Keegan offered to heat up the Reg Barber tamper.

This is how the espresso cafe' morning starts. Today it was 5 grams of the Harar - Oromia Coop, 4 grams of Peaberry Lot #54 and 8 grams of Espresso Classico (dark roast). Why that combo, well based on certain scientific principles and vast research... because I wanted to finish off the Ethiopian and Kenyan. It worked well as a shot. I pulled about .75 ounces in approx 35 seconds. As you can see in the photo, the Brewtus II was set to 93 degrees, the temp was set for the Classico dark roast. I would like to pull another shot but it won't be for a while because...

Keegan was getting tired; classic rubbing of the eyes, wanting to be held, smooshing his face into my shoulder, excited about a bottle, etc. But upon slamming a bottle downrange and getting setup in his crib he decided it was time to play the game know as "I'm a faker". This game consists of pounding a bottle back and then jumping up more awake than an hour ago. It also includes as noted in the photo, lots of "I'm so cute, how could you not want to play the I'm a faker game" faces. He got me with this one yesterday but not today, I'm switching tactics to "Hey you look really awake, lets go hit the lego blocks until you beg for sleep mercy". ;-)

It's now a couple of hours later. Never understimate the power of lego. Upon presentation of the "Double Happiness Rice Noodles" with organic tomato, garlic and canned salmon the server was astounded to see the customer fast asleep at his table. Thinking on his feet, the server moved the dish over to the customer at the next table, the server certainly didn't tell the chef. Dutifully he removed the customers VISA card ensuring there was an appropriate 25% gratuity.

The customer who benefited from the bonus order seemed to be oblivious to the windfall. It does appear the bonus amount required a complete transfer from the lunch bowl to the much larger table.