I'm about five minutes away from finishing off another batch of organic yogurt made using a Casei, Bifidus, Acidophilus Probiotic yogurt strain. I will be pulling some starter yogurt from a batch I made up a couple of days ago using the same strain and a local organic milk producer. The trick is to cool down the boiled milk as quickly as possible to approx 23 celsius by sitting it in a sink of cold water and icecubes, at least that's how I do it. It does take a bit of stirring though to get rid of the heat asap. So I'm standing in the kitchen typing a bit and stirring a bit. Once its cooled I will introduce my yogurt strain and then the batch goes into the yogurt maker for approx 15 hours. Almost done stirring...

Here's a shot that makes the effort worthwhile. Notice the yogurt on Evan's nose. After this shot the three of us sat on the floor eating some of the starter batch, Evan's comment upon sitting next to me was "I can hardly wait". Keegan loved it just as much.

Now the yogurt is done, I think the boys are going to get loaded up into the Chariot, hooked up to the road bike and taken for a short ride. It's sunny but not that warm out, only 2 celsius.

For espresso this morning I pulled the Puro Scuro again. It is a Sweetmaria's blend, I like it but I like the Espresso Monkey much more. Tomorrow I will be pulling their blend called Liquid Amber, it will be nearly four days post-roast. I look forward to that first taste.

Oh boy! I just got back from a 40 minute ride with the fellas. I'm not sure what they weight exactly but I think their combined weight is close to 60lbs. Add the weight of the chariot and hauling those boys up the hills was a real eye-opener!!! It is the first ride of the season with them, I was surprised how hard it was. Hills that I would normally salivate over when riding by myself, not so big that they would be a strain but big enough to get out of the saddle and punch through them, normally good times - well the hills punched back today. Looks like I have some pain ahead of me until either I get chariot legs or these guys go on a diet. It should all work out though as a few days ago I committed to do the 24 Hours of Adrenalin race in Canmore with my buddy Shawn Rennick. He's an awesome rider and we have done road and mountain bike together for about five years now. Hauling the boys around should have me ready to rumble come summer time. Now that I'm looking forward to. ;-) Rennick if you are reading this get ready to eat dust, haha!!!