Mar 13, 2006

Balloons and a Dog

The day after a bash, someone has to take down the party balloons. Here's a photo of Evan giving me a hand taking them down.

Keegan is getting more agile, the little monkey is now climbing onto, into and out of all kinds of things. Break out the band-aids.

Here's a photo of Pico about to get a finger in her ear. Fortunately, she was trained to put up with such things by Evan and can pretty much get along with anyone.

She likes hanging out with the boys, but prefers to be leaned on rather than having someone pick her nose.

This morning I was playing with a nearly seven day old Moka Kadir. Since trying to leave the "unconventional" shots alone for a couple of days (see here: Jon Rosenthal) I got back to messing around with dose. The first shot I pulled was 16 grams and I stopped the shot at approx 1.75 ounces. Nice shot, everything in there that I enjoy about espresso. Next shot was 15 grams, with the same parameters, of course it ran a bit faster. The body was a touch lighter and perhaps replacing some of the syrupy-ness with some creamy-ness. It also brought out a bit more milky chocolate rather than the previous darker chocolate/bit spicier. Only one gram difference, are you sure? Well I weighed pre-grind and post-grind to be sure and yes it was a gram difference. And within reason the process leading up to and including the shots were identical. A gram does make a difference. Last shot of the morning was a five day old Java Djampit pulled with 15 grams. It dropped approx 1.75 ounces in 25-28 seconds and had a much lighter body and less creamy chocolatey-ness than the shot I pulled yesterday as a 35 second shot with 17 grams and approx 1.5 ounces. It wasn't less of a shot, compared to its brother from the day prior, just different; a little more floral and spicy and, well, other things. Saying all that, each shot was fantastic in its own way, it's great to have your own mad scientist labratory.