Mar 6, 2006

Cross-Country skiing

Doreen got this morning photo. I really like it. Keegan isn't super-huggy with me, but when he drops his head on my shoulder it's nice.

On Sunday we headed out to Canmore for a bit of cross-country, Goat Creek to be precise. It was a pristine day, we were really lucky. This photo is from Goat Creek parking lot, look forward and up towards the mountains and that's where we were headed.

Packing the boys down the trail in the Chariot was tough work, skiing them up those hills was a slog. I am still recovering today, can't seem to eat enough calories, probably burned about 1 million hauling them up and down. Of course it was all worth it to see the look on Evan's face when we put on ski's for the first time ever.

Mom was giving him lots of cheering support and Keegan would have as well, if he could talk.

Soon it was time to pack up the mini-ski's and head back to the parking lot. We sure had a great family day out there.