That timeless classic. A guys road-trip with an eye towards the snowy slopes of Fernie, BC. It had all the right ingredients; guys, scotch, lots of mountain gear and let's not forget four batches of various home-roast coffee/grinder/large french press - Does it get any better?

Shawn Rennick, leader of the allied front, had organized pretty much everything to include a sweet condo right at the base of the hill. Unfortunately we had to walk nearly a full minute before we could get on a lift to the top of the mountain. Next year I hope Shawn can get his act together and get us a bit closer, haha. All in all a great time; loads of snowboarding and skiing, not enough scotch drinking to filter out Trevor's snoring, but there was just enough testosterone male-bonding. A must do it again kinda thing. Here's some shots...

Just getting off the chair lift and ready to carve the board through some white stuff.

Timo, the only other boarder on the trip shows good style, something the guys on ski's just didn't manage to pull-off. ;-)

While heading up the hill on the quad chair lifts there was always time to solve world problems, or generally question a guys manhood about not skiing hard enough.

Again, and I know this might seem like a recurring theme but the snowboarders were really what made our group "so hip". Nice one Timo!