Mar 2, 2006

An espresso sequence


There have been an awful lot of folks I have never met who have been extremely helpful by posting up on the Internet regarding all things espresso. Once in a while I will post up myself to try and payback for all the help. Well this morning I decided to try and be more helpful by posting a few more photos of the espresso process (within my limited experience) so as to maybe answer someone elses questions. Once I find the video camera, from the move, I will post up some video.

Here's a photo of 17 grams ground on my Macap. Notice there is little to no clumping other than the couple of small clumps that were formed when I scooped the grinds out with my finger which were sitting in the grinder chute. Just after this photo I pulled the remaining grinds down and off the central column using a toothbrush.

This next photo is the formation of a ristretto using the Brasil Yellow Bourbon from Paradise Roasters. I roasted this nearly six days ago, pulled the shot at 95 celsius and approx one ounce of volume in 35 seconds.

This photo is my second espresso pulled at 94 celsius and it is reaching the end of the espresso pull.

This photo shows the tail end of the shot's results in a 3 ounce espresso cup.

This next photo shows approx .75 to 1 ounce of espresso in a 3 ounce espresso cup. This is the same Brasil Yellow Bourbon. Great espresso shot, not as much crema as I got on day 2-4 of this roast but still taking up 1/5th of the volume with crema once it settled.

Well the Brewtus II is turned off for the day and there is a French Press of Mesa De Los Santos Special Reserve with my name on it. I will add more to this espresso pictorial during the next few months. If anyone, other than Doreen's mom (hi Ruth) is reading this, hope you enjoyed it. ;-)