Mar 14, 2006

Finger puppets

Finger puppets, apparently they are extremely funny. Keegan and Evan had me concerned over the amount of laughter caused by finger puppets. Who knew? And just when you thought the fun was going to end, you take one finger puppet off and switch it over to a different finger - a sort of finger puppet musical chairs. Sceptical, well run right out and grab some finger puppets and give it a try. Dont ask me where to get them as Doreen's parents brought them down yesterday from Red Deer as part of a b-day present for Keegan (thx George and Ruth).

What do they look like? Here's a lineup of "The Usual Suspects".

If you want to amuse Evan, just pretend to type on the laptop with them - while making the obligatory various animal noises each time you hit a key stroke. A note for any cryptographer clubs out there, this method is a wonderful way to create a random selection of key strokes. It can then be used to send to a competing cryptographer club with a challenge for them to break the code. If this creates enough interest I will gladly create further "challenging codes" and auction them on ebay.