It's -2 celsius and the mountains look great. if you magnify the photo you can see all the snow on the Rockies but you can also see the barren sections as well. When we were x-country skiing last weekend there was less snow than normal for this time of year.

Next weekend I am heading down to Fernie for a couple of days with some pals. Trying to decide between the snowboard or the telemark gear. Tele would be fun but I will be able to keep up a bit better on the snowboard, these guys like to hang it out on the hill. It should be a fun time. Since it will be just a bunch of married guys (luv ya honey) I can look forward to drinking some good beer, good scotch, burping and generally regressing back to primitive man. Wow, it's been a long time since I have done that.

Gulp, what am I going to do for coffee. Maybe I should take the Brewtus II and the Macap. ;-)

Speaking of coffee, I just got a call from Chris Tarrant (coffee industry) while I was 90 seconds into a french press of the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe I roasted 24 hours ago. By the time we were off the phone I pressed at just over five minutes. But I have to thank Chris as I pressed another Yirg right away and duplicated the parameters with the exception of pressing at my standard of three and a half minutes. The two coffees were radically different. Of course that comes as no surprise to any uber-geeks but would be a nice demonstration to friends/customers about the tolerances of french press and the widely different profiles you can create based on brewing methodologies - coincidentally this is something I wanted to show my buddy Shawn when he comes over on the weekend, the El Injerto I gave him didn't perform in the drip (no surprise) so I going to show him french press precision. By the way, the Yirg was lovely; an almost Earl Grey bergamot nose with some orange-y citrus notes floating around in the background if that's possible. Nice, clean, sweet and with a little citrus zip. Even 15 minutes later I am still enjoying the citrusy sweetness, great! Next roast for that bean will be a bit darker to see if I can reduce the citrus and brink out some deeper complexities

Balloons - they are fun. I bought a cheap helium balloon filling kit from Costco for Keegan's first b-day party tomorrow, should be fun for all the kidlets there. Keegan's in bed but Evan was a willing participant in the "train in peace as you would for war" dry-run the night before.