Here's a photo of Evan dancing with me in the toy chaos of the living room to the beat of Gwen Stefani. He was a hard guy to put down for a nap this afternoon so I had to rely on my secret weapon - hot sun coming through the kitchen windows and a huge pot of "Annie's Organic Macaroni and Cheese". He loves that stuff and ate his body weight in it, bring on the associated carbo-sleep.

Tomorrow morning both boys are in to the doctor's office for their annual checkups. Its Keegan's first b-day party on Saturday, so I am going to scout out an ice cream cake for the pile of kids coming (I'm sure none of the adults will like ice cream cake, haha). Wonder if I can source out a cake that tastes like that Brazilian Yellow Bourbon espresso shot I pulled this morning.

Got your email Denise, nice to hear from you and maybe instead of working in the new office location they will let you work from your car? (For everyone else, that's an insider's joke).