Mar 31, 2006

Playing in the park

Before I get to the park, here is a photo of the boys as they hang around my feet while I pull the first espresso of the morning - usually around 0730hrs.

We try to get down to the park, which is about 25 meters from our house, as often as possible. This evening had the air of Spring to it and at 8 degrees celsius made for a fine evening. I quite enjoy walking along with Evan holding his hand, it pretty relaxing. About 15 seconds past the park and you can stand on the ridge of Fish Creek Park, one of the largest urban parks in N. America. Its believed humans settled in this area around 6500 B.C.

I gave Evan a haircut today (and myself also - the blonde look is gone) he is starting to look like a little man now, rather than a toddler.

Of course being the big brother, he needs to give Keegan advice on playground etiquette.

As you can see they both enjoy the swings.

This is standing on the ridge just past the playground, Pico's favourite spot. It takes her about 30 seconds to sprint down to the river and about a minute to sprint back up - helluva workout for her.

This is the end of the day sunset just behind the house. The boys are just now in bed and it's time for a glass of wine and a movie with my lovely wife. Nice!