Mar 2, 2006

Taking it on the chin

Newton's Third Law of Motion states "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Evan's forward momentum came to a complete stop when he encountered the cupboard. Ouch !

Yesterday was quite a day. Four hours spent in an emergency walk-in clinic. Evan fell down while running around in the kitchen (actually he dove between my legs impromptu and hit a cupboard edge) and he split his chin open. After the first few seconds of crying and my subsequent triage assessment he got scooped up, steri-strip'ed, taped and dressed. Keegan got whipped out of the crib, diaper changed and dressed before he knew which way was up and we were in the Pilot doing evasive driving towards the emerg. Doreen came over from work right away, took Keegan back to her work and ran a meeting with a dozen guys and a one year old crawling around on the floor.

Evan took it like a champ, he got his chin glued together and we were out the door. Then off to the library and then back home. He was fully passed out by the time we pulled into the driveway. Big day for a two year old. Here's a next day photo.

In the whirlwind of activity that revolved around the accident I managed to over-roast a batch of espresso. I had just passed first crack and was moving towards secon crack when Evan did the header. During the intial look and blood wiping I hit second crack and I managed to yank the power before heading upstairs. I came back to the house and observed the rather dark roast, nearly a Vienna, not my choice for that particular blend but since it is done I bagged it up and will taste it in a couple of days. I named it "Evan's Chin roast"