I pulled this shot using a mix of Harrar, Santa Rita and Djampit, it turned out very nicely at a shade under one ounce - much better than the other videos. Of course Evan is the final quality control test and judging by the way he enjoyed that shot it got a gold star. Suggest you turn up the volume on your speakers to hear the two year old's critique.


Anonymous said...

so nice to hear the voices again. I sure miss seeing you guys. I'm running the gallery on the second floor of the crossroads market. I'm only there on weekends. Please come by and see me. Artspace Gallery 269-4278 ext 255 Gail

Gobs said...

Hi Shaun, saw your blog through your comment at espressolab, Jimmy's place. I really like this video a lot. You have a great family and a fantastic blog. Great shots and love the coffee pics. Will start reading it bit by bit to catch up. Please let me know if it will be ok to put you on my link list.

Kind regards,