In the name of espresso science I am showing three very different shots; one really bad, one sort of bad and one pretty good. Why such a range of quality? Read on fellow espresso-crusaders (Note to self: when embarrasing oneself on the Internet it is wise to add a disclaimer for visitors who don't know you, the disclaimer could read something like "My espresso doesn't normally suck this bad"). Here is a view of espresso "my bads".

"The Really Bad"
This shot was 18 grams of a blend I roasted 15 minutes prior to this shot from a mix of Ethiopian/Sumatran/Costa Rican. It was the first shot trying this blend and I blew the grind - completely. It ran way too quick as you can see by the speed and size of the cone. In fact it nearly penetrated the bottom of the cup. It went straight in the sink.

"The Sort of Bad"
This shot wasn't much better than the previous one, you can see I didn't create enough of an even distribution around the edge as I was packing the shot as noted at the start of the pull. I did tighten up the grind compared to the previous shot but you can see it needed to be a bit tighter. The huge crema cone will settle down in a couple of days and show less of a "crema-drop". At nearly two ounces and being this fresh it was drinkable, but barely.

"The Pretty Good"
This restricted shot is quite different from the previous two shots. 19 grams of Ethiopian Harrar roasted 48 hours prior pulled using a tight grind and pressure turned up to 11 bar. As you can see it runs approx 50 seconds from pull to finish. I ended up with approx 1.5 ounces in volume and it was a pretty good espresso. I let the shot run about 5 seconds longer than normal as I am "playing around" with the last third of the shot this week. Huh? I am pulling into three espresso cups and tasting each 1/3rd of the shot.