Oooooooggaaa chaka, Oooooooggaaa chaka, Oooooooggaaa chaka, Oooooooggaaa chaka, I, I, I, I, I'm... hooked on a feeling. It's old school from the soundtrack Reservoir Dogs.

While Evan dances to the tunes at the breakfast table, Keegan is more interested in offering up some of his homemade yogurt, cheerios and grapes to the camera/dad.

Of course, its espresso comparison time. While pulling shots from the various blends and roast batches I try to keep the grinder clean between each shot so there is no contamination from the previous shot blend. It's simple; a toothbrush and a handheld rechargable vacumn cleaner.

Here's one of the first drops of the Moka Kadir forming. Man, was that a lovely espresso shot!

As you can see in this photo, when pulling ristretto shots I like to adjust the bar pressure guage up past 10 and leaning towards 11. This shot ran for approx 45 seconds and pulled maybe 1 ounce. I think its time to leave "true ristretto's" for a while and try to get back to "traditional double's" with its looser grind and "normal pressures" at least for a few days. Ristretto - with her syrupy intense siren's call, I must leave you. ;-)

Its Keegan's first b-day on Saturday. Organic beef burgers (recipe is my secret) from Guitton Farms for the adults, hot dogs for all the kids, Dairy Queen ice cream cake for pretty much everyone. To get the coffee cupboard up to full war-stock levels I just finished roasting up some Ethiopian Dry Processed Ghimbi and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe MAO. I love opening up a sealed bag of green from a wildly different part of the world, the Ghimbi smelled of raw, earthy, connection to the land and the Yirg smelled of citrusy flowers - Even cooler, Evan got to smell Ethiopia right after I did. Five different types of espresso, three types of french press and some decaf espresso. No doubt it will be americano's and latte's but I know there are two or three in the audience who will succumb to the restricted shot. Hey, maybe an errant four year old running through the kitchen can be convinced to try some decaf crema - should I roast up some more decaf? ;-)