Well, after several hours of testing against the Blogger service and learning a thing or two about a computer-geek-thingy called CSS, I have re-invented the look of the blog. There was nothing wrong with the old look, just that it wasn't working very well when I put two photos side-by-side. And that is a look I like - two photos next to each other. SO the dunce hat went on and I stuck my nose into CSS.

Crossing my fingers that this tweak will work out, and moving forward I will only need to adjust minor things, like the header - it's lame and needs fixing. ;-) And where did the titles go? And lets not forget the sidebar links??? Lovely.

Evan was really helpful during this phase, here he is adding valuable input.


Gobs said...

I broke my blog a few times when trying to put it together and got really tired of even before I started to enjoy it. Iva told me to just start blogging and fix it along the way. I picked up a few things as I finally got it working. I'm sticking to coffee where it's safe.

I wish I could zonk off and sleep that way. I also see Pico in the background having a snooze as well.

Shaun Taylor said...

Finally getting the blog back into. I agree, coffee is much safer.

Evan sleeps well, when he sleeps - but he wakes up like a Grizzly Bear coming out of hibernation. Just like Doreen ;-)