May 16th, 2006
Yup, that's a pretty strange collection of subjects, but I'm sure it going to be fascinating. ;-)

For those reading purely for the coffee piece, you're up first. This morning's shot, a nice little blend consisting of Papua New Guinea, Brazilian, and Harar. The shot is sitting on the new granite, installed yesterday afternoon, more on that in a sec. The next photo shows some of the tools of the morning routine. Yes, that latte art is atrocious, at the moment I am blaming my Picasso art on the 32 ounce jug - which is just killin' me.

Keegan likes it though, not even the cereal stuck to his chin will distract him from latte art appreciation.

So, the granite. We reno'd the main floor countertops and what a difference it made. Yesterday afternoon the kitchen was stuffed with four installers, two very curious young boys, a dog and me trying to install a sink.

Good times. What made me laugh was the team leader, who had been out a few weeks ago to do the templating, trying to buy more home-roast coffee from me. I gave him 120 grams of Harar I had roasted the first time he came out, after he commented on the espresso machine and outlined that he loved coffee. Turns out he went home, tried it, then took some to his parents and ever since then has been telling everyone that he is ruined for coffee now. When he was out at the truck a couple of his guys said he won't stop talking about how good the coffee was. He was quizzing me on where to get a good coffee in Calgary now that he realizes the places he used to go to aren't very good. I roasted him up a batch of Harar and a batch of El Salvador as a gift, he said he wants to buy roasted coffee from me (uhmmmm, but I don't sell coffee?). I'm not even a good roaster, but I guess excellent quality green beans and freshly roasted seems pretty good when you haven't tasted it before - I suppose he's right, it is good coffee. Anyway, back to the granite, we think it looks awesome and I'm glad Doreen conviced me to go with granite instead of the engineered stone we initially looked at. Granite has so much depth and character, while still retaining some form of natural continuity.

We do have one pretty neat anomaly, which sits under the toaster oven, an almost heart-shape formation. Kinda cool.

Final piece, if you are still with me; a Mother's Day/B-day prezzie. Here's a photo of Doreen watching as her little helpers tear apart the wrapping on a much needed Omega Seamaster ladies dress watch. Buying a watch for your wife... nerve-wracking.

Keegan is down for the count and I roasted some Nicaragua Cup of Excellence "La Esperanza" this morning, so I am outta here for a fantastic french press on the back deck with Evan.