May 25, 2006

Espresso brothers

These two photos are not the same espresso shot. They were espresso brothers, both being from the same blend, both 18 grams, same tamp, same, same, same - with the exception of one pulled at 94 Celsius and the other at 93 Celsius. Have to say I really liked the 93 Celsius shot much better. Of course they were pulled seven minutes apart and the humidity might have changed in the kitchen to add another variable. ;-)

I figure I have about 120 roasts off the iroast2 now, and its starting to feel the pain. Currently I am using a vicegrip to hold the top of my roaster in place. If I didn't, the chaff-collector would rotate to an open position and cause the roaster to stop prematurely. Uhmmmmm, not good. Other than this minor inconvenience the roasts are turning out pretty good. But it has me thinking about what to replace it with, if and when it finally surrenders to my voracious espresso appetite.

No matter what is going on around her, Pico always manages to look like she has been kicked and requires a good belly rub, or looks like she is never fed and requires food right now. Of course in this photo it might also have something to do with her having to act as an impromptu soccer goalie for Evan. Note: any animal lovers out there - she eats well, seldom gets kicked and rarely defends a penalty shot as she has a tendency to always go right.

Keegan is pretty talented as you can see in these two photos. He is a capable line-dancer with Doreen and also has some pretty good Mixed Martial Arts moves with me. For any martial artists out there, you can probably see that I managed to distract him with the dog and and am about to reverse the pin with a simultaneous single knuckle rib-tickle.