I think this is pretty much the best art I have ever done. It's never been too much of an interest for me, just as long as the milk was good and the espresso was great, I never concerned myself with how it looked. Now I find myself recently obsessed with trying to freepour art on the latte. As posted earlier, Peter helped me out a couple of days ago. Good thing he did, one little trick sure helped a lot and hopefully I improve quickly - I'm getting tired of drinking latte's. I'm drinking a latte in the morning and then its a latte for Doreen in the evening. Sometimes I even make a latte for myself in the evening just to try and get more "art-attempt" time. Drinking two latte's a day are making me beg for mercy - its just too much milk for an espresso-snob like myself.

The jug I'm using is a 32oz jug with a pointed nose, I can't find my 20oz jug, it's somewhere in storage, so now I am on the search for a 20oz. Art should be easier once I can find a good 20oz. Till then I will wobble along and bore you all with poor quality latte art and rambling nonsense about espresso. Good thing most of you are here to see the boys and Doreen. ;-)

Too bad the art was on decaf. But hey, the art was good enough right to the last drop that somehow the decaf seemed just fine.