May 29, 2006

Its a green bean day

So there I was, just minding my own business, getting creative with the photo of this morning's espresso (this is what a bottomless portafilter looks at every time I pull a shot) when the searing flash of clarity punched down my espresso neurons till it finally hit my coffee consciousness "Hey, today is Monday, wonder if any green beans are in?". The question was soon answered as I balanced nearly 30lbs of green beans, courtesy of Oaxaca Charlie and BW, back from the mailbox. Lovely!

A nice surprise was a package of roasted espresso from BW (a member of the GCBC) I was pulling a shot of his Plushie's Exotic Espresso in a matter of minutes. The results you can see in the photos. Great crema considering the blend was mailed 9 days ago. The second photo shows the resulting crema 60 seconds after the shot finished. It is an exotic espresso. In my opinion, considering all the things going on with this shot what really stood out was how "clean" it was. That might sound odd, but as I drank it and after I drank it there was a cerebral notion of "clean", not sure why that was a prominent feature as it's certainly complex, finished smoothly dark, the body was medium making it a "daytime drinkable" espresso, did I say complex yet, and still I thought "Clean". I have pulled about 15 shots now since that first shot, switching back and forth between a double and triple basket and find that it is a challenging shot to pull really well. I suspect the challenging part could be due to the 10 day or older roast. Or maybe my Jedi powers aren't working to their full capacity. I'm going to put Keegan down but when he's crashed I am going into round 2 of BW's espresso. I need to apply espresso greatness.

I just finished some more espresso shots and marginally improved the pull, they were good, but pretty frustrating to think that USPS dropped the ball in getting the packages here within their "delivery obligations" timeline. I would have liked to taste this espresso at its peak which I suspect was around day five (several hours after posting this I chatted with BW and he informed me that the roast was closer to 15 days old, no wonder my Jedi-crema powers are exhausted). Hugely cool label on this espresso by the way! Here's a photo of all the greens I got today, it is a pretty interesting mix and some of these are making me twitch as I think about roasting them. First up though is the offering from Royal - the Komodo Decaf Organic SWP (thx Oaxaca Charlie), Doreen hasn't had a decaf latte in over a week since we ran out of the last batch of decaf green (oops).