May 8, 2006

Keegan and "Lamby"

This is generally what I see most afternoon's while trying to get Keegan down. Keegan giving me his "I'm a charmer" look and hanging on to Lamby - his fave stuffed animal. As I type this, watching Keegan act like he is not-tired, Evan is standing next to me, ensuring I am informed that the photo I just looked at is "Yammy", the letter L is not working so well for Evan at the moment.

We spent yesterday with the Rennicks, Shawn had a moose roast on the rottiserie. It was such a nice day, Doreen took the boys in the Pilot and I rode my Merlin to the BBQ. It was 95 minutes of fantastic cycling, first real chance I have had to push my self pretty hard without towing the boys. It was a liberating feeling, going that fast and experiencing the ouput of velocity relative to the input of pedal stroke energy; something you don't get when towing the boys in the Chariot. We hung out for the entire afternoon and headed home late in the evening. Always good to hang out with friends on a nice day, rather than speeding around Calgary trying to catch-up on admin.

Keegan is still rolling around like he is practicing mixed martial arts moves, so I am abandoning the blog here so he can settle down some more.