May 1, 2006

Keegan's changes

Keegan is slowly starting to change from baby-state to toddler. The sure sign of course would be that he is walking several steps now and generally has a pretty good idea of how his world operates. He is still as easy to smile but his ability to do it is now a conscious one. With each unsteady line he walks he gets closer and closer to independence. What made me consider his evolution is this photo I just took showing how his hair has shifted from the baby-blonde it once was to a much darker tone now.

On a completely different topic, I forgot to mention that a couple of weeks ago my good buddy Shawn R took delivery of a new 2006 Honda CBR1000. A week later he let me hop in the saddle and said "take it for a ride and have fun". So there I was, nearly 10 years after I got rid of my last way-too-fast-bike (Kawasaki ZX-9R) on another way-too-fast bike. Of course it was thrilling and appealing and sobering. The sobering part came from a new understanding of how much more refined the fast bikes have become, Shawn's bike is fast but not in a raw sense - it's a beautiful, smooth, predictable bike. Here's a photo of the CBR1000.

Before, during and after the ride I still feel the same way. I'm out of the fast bike mode - they're just too fast and I like to drive them fast and that makes for an interesting problem when you apply the laws of the land. My practical dream bike for now is a BMW touring series, though I do have this strange desire to hop on a Dakar-type series that would allow me to tour it through some really remote, off the beaten path desert route through the Gobi desert or some such thing. A guy can dream. Not sure what that has to do with coffee though?