May 4, 2006

Latte art

I will be ther first to admit that my latte art stinks. I think I do reasonably good milk, but my pour techniques are just horrible. Luckily a friend Peter came over and helped me a little bit so now I am on a latte art mission and one day will be pulling off art like this, yeah right!

At least my shots are pretty good, so even if my art stinks the espresso is decent - or so I'm told. This morning's first shot was 2/3rds Colombian SHB Monte Chrisol and 1/3rd Royal Ethiopian Harar Horse. I pulled a shot of this for Peter yesterday and it wasn't my best (thank goodness for the Brazilan Fazenda Cachoiera/Harar blend which was pretty good) so I thought I would tweak the Colombian/Harar ratios and see what happened this morning. Turned out pretty good, nice crema, and an interestingly drinkable shot. Harar is so cool in a shot, I should probably tone the Harar content down though. In fact, since they are post-roast blended I am going to pull a 4 parts Colombian and 1 part Harar right now.

Ahhhh, a much nicer shot for my palate, though I do like the "wildness" the Harar introduces in a larger Harar representation. This shot was more milk chocolate-y focused and very drinkable on a repeat basis. Here's a photo of the shot after about 20 seconds. And here's another photo after about 80-90 seconds.

And finally, here is the same shot after about 120 seconds.

And since I let that shot cool down a bit I figured I better pull a "fresh" one, so it was onto the Brazilan Cachoiera and Harar blend. Man that's good!