May 18, 2006

One tree per day

What an interesting title, bet you can hardly wait to see what I have up my sleeve. Well you are going to have to wade through my ever-present coffee talk first.

I follow several other blogs and websites related to coffee; specifically my interest lies in espresso. But I also enjoy latte art, french press protocols, new widgets, etc... all these things are part of the coffee journey, but I really like digging deep into espresso. Sometimes however, it feels like some of the writers on the various blogs/websites, who are a massive body of knowledge, have fallen too deeply into the technicalities of pulling a shot - losing sight perhaps of how did it taste?

I wouldn't be able to pull reasonably good shots without having read a lot of this body of knowledge, but I think you should also be able to close the books for a few days, not get all "tweak-y" and just focus on how does it taste? I'm sure this isn't a revelation, and no doubt most of the writers have come to this conclusion at some point. From an avid readers perspective it would be nice to see some of them drop the slide rule occasionally and just talk about the shot.

This mornings photo was a four day old blend taken about 20 seconds after I stopped the shot. It pulled to 1.5 ounces total volume and settled to just over an ounce. It was VERY nice. Ok, that's it for coffee.

This evening we (the guys I am riding the 24 Hours of Adrenaline with) are going to ride out in Kananaskis Country, probably the Powderface long loop. Last Thusdays Barrier Lake ride took us two hours, with some hanging around at the top of the mountain, fantastic ride with Shawn and Mike.

So, to the tree per day. A couple of evenings ago, I took the camera out to take some photos of the trees on our property. Some of the photos turned out nicely so I figured it would be OK to post them up for general viewing. Not into trees, skip the photo. ;-)