May 28, 2006

Wedding Pizza

Doreen's sister, Irene, came down to Calgary yesterday to do some shopping and babysit the boys while we attended a friends wedding. While we were listening to numerous toasts and stiffly sitting upright in formal attire using the correct knife and fork, the boys were pounding down Pizza and hanging out with their favourite aunt. Who had the better time? (For the record, we did have a good time at the wedding and met some great people) Here's a classic photo of Evan, thoroughly burned-out from running around and then passing out while eating his supper. Keegan always keen to jump in front of the camera seems a little confused that it's not dad or mom taking the photo.

Here's a couple of nice photos of the shot I really enjoyed this morning after making the prerequisite Americano for Doreen and "Floofy" choco/vanilla/hazelnut latte for Irene.


Anonymous said...

Hi you guys, I love reading your site. I would love you to come and visit me at the new gallery. I''m at Artspace gallery on the second floor of the Crossroads Market. Come on a Saturday or Sunday. The boys are changing so much, it would be great to see all of you.

Gail Gould

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Gail,

Nice to hear from you! Of course we would like to drop by, but you know things are always loopy on the weekends and we rarely know which way is up. If we get a chance we will slide by, its been a while since we got down to the Crossroads market. It would be great to see you again as well.