Friday morning started off like any other morning. The boys in various states of food coverage. Well I guess this wasn't really like any other morning, I could still bask in the limelight of the title I had officially given myself the day before and that was the glorious designation of "Home Roaster" (I should have printed up a scroll and mailed it to myself). Ahhhhh, I'm a home roaster, I think I will roast up some home roast and sit at home and think about how well I roast my home roast. Better plug in my roaster, because what good is a home roaster unless he's roasting at home on his home roaster while simultaneously researching better ways to tweak his home roast. Better get ready to roast; visually check greens for defects, weighed on the scale, loaded in the roaster, plugged in, set the custom roast profile and hit start... what the???? That sounds bad, that doesn't smell good, it smells electrical, and in three seconds I went from "Home Roaster" to "No Roaster". The roaster had self-destructed.

From that pulse-stopping moment, I went into an IA Drill or immediate action drill - check roast cupboard to confirm what the espresso war chest holds. Uuugh. Maybe three days, four days at most (wonder if I can get back that half pound I gave away the day before, oops, I shouldn't think that) aaargh scramble research time. Here is a photo of me with approx 20 websites open at once and another photo of Evan supplying emotional support, and pointing at roasters.

While researching roasters, what really keeps running through your head is a lot of coffee related data. This leads to thoughts of pulling an espresso shot which makes you realize your stock is pretty limited which makes you realize you need to get a roaster which leads to more research and so the vicious circle continues. Of course a shot was in order, a great shot from the batch I had previously roasted and ironically claimed to have fallen into the ranks of home roast-a-dom. If you put your nose close enough to your screen you should be able to smell the chocolate and spice coming off this spent espresso puck.

After a solid 48 hours of research I think I have come to a short list of roasters to suit my needs. Now its just a matter of sourcing the right retailer and pulling the trigger. Wonder if they can transporter beam it here?