Jun 23, 2006

Boys like dirt

Little boys like dirt. This morning I set Evan and Keegan up in the wagon so they could enjoy watching and poking during the de-mudding extravaganza. The ride last night was ssccccchhhhhweeeeeeeeett but a little muddy. The mud turned into a problem for Tom as he was getting so much chain suck from the grime that his chain finally bent up under his big ring and he couldn't continue any further; poor guy that was only 10mins into the ride. That left Mike and I with some guy who had missed his normal riding group and had asked to join us while we were getting ready to leave the parking lot. In hindsight he may not have asked us as he suffered on the pace but he kept a good attitude which counts for a lot. Moosepackers is always a great trail, especially the multiple switchbacks that run down the other side of the mtn, so even though we ran a bit slower than normal it's hard not to grin a lot.

This photo is a self-portrait taken late last night, mainly trying to capture the serious case of helmet-head and some of the mud. Unfortunately I'm not demonstrating most of the mud glory as I had wiped a lot of it off so I wouldn't scare the Subway girl as I grabbed a post-ride 6 inch sub.