Jun 9, 2006

Cor Blimey

Cor Blimey! I suspect that has a few people wondering what the ???? Well, cor blimey is an old English saying that I haven't said in a long time, in fact the last time I used it may have been when I was a young boy living in England. It's an exclamation usually proclaimed when surprised, astonished or even upset (perhaps instead of swearing). So there I was, bending down to pick up a Yemen Hirazi Ismaili green bean just dropped from a measured out ready for the roaster batch, as I stood back up I cranked the top of my head off the granite countertop bullnose edge so hard that I saw stars and what flashed through my little peabrain was "Cor Blimey!". I got a nice little throbber out of that one. Fortunately it was time to get the roaster going, so the throbbing was ignored. Here you can see some smoke rising off the Hottop as it leaves first crack heading for second. While roasting I was pulling a shot, you can see the column forming just after a couple of thick blobs had dropped. This was the first shot off the Hottop roaster and at less than 24 hours post-roast it was amazing.

Here's a photo of the end result of that column, man was that a tasty shot. This other photo is some wobbly latte art from this evenings decaf latte. The decaf was also roasted on the Hottop yesterday, using the Peruvian Swiss Water Process San Juan del Oro Organic Fair Trade greens. I could hardly believe it was decaf, wish I had grabbed another 3lbs of it.

Here's a photo you don't get to see too often - Doreen and I kitted up in "hittin' the town" outfits. We went to a friends wedding a couple of weeks ago, then onto the reception. While we were out on the town the boys were goofing with Auntie Irene. I hope we had more fun than they did.


Gobs said...

Wow! You got the badge! Nice positioning! So tell me....I'm having some script problems.....what are your consulting rates? Really nice photos. Have a good weekend.

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah, thanks to you, I think it looks pretty good. It took a few hours of tweaking though.

Have a good weekend yourself!

Peter said...

Shaun, you have come a fair ways with your latte art! Congrats! Keep on with the roasting and such... I may have the camera in for shots of my latest work tomorrow.

Shaun Taylor said...

Peter, I just posted up to your blog, are you working tomorrow? If there is a quiet moment during the day I could drop by with the boys as Doreen is off to Banff with some girlies. Would like to see your art and of course be an espresso snob.